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A Beacon of Hope to the World

Lyrics to a song written with my brother Quinton in response to the attacks of 9/11, 2001

Staring out to sea
Standing firm and tall
Lady Liberty
Beheld madness in flight and with each blast she shuddered.
Yearning to embrace
All her children close
Still she had the grace
To stand fast for a world whose freedom she mothered.

Her torch held high as gauntlets were hurled
She’s a beacon of hope to the world.

Staring up at flames
Rushing in to aid
More than simply names
These heroes were parents, sisters, and brothers.
Hearts broken by debris
Rising with the cloud
For eternity
Their deeds are engraved who thought first of others.

From dust and smoke that billowed and curled,
They’re a beacon of hope to the world.

Proclaiming freedom’s cost
None will die in vain
All the souls we lost
Somehow still remain.
We remember with
Every flag we wave
Every uttered prayer
Faces of the brave.
Clearly comes the call
From the Pentagon,
From the towers tall
Courage carries on!
Let us now commit
To Flight Ninety-Three,
Heroes as they were
We intend to be.

As our Stars and Stripes continue unfurled;
Still the beacon of hope to the world!

Download this song at http://mccrecords.com/boh2.html

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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