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Meet Wes

Songwriter Lucinda Williams once opined: “The perfect man? A poet on a motorcycle.”

Wes Stephenson is a far cry from perfect, but he does combine a love for adventure with an ever-watchful eye for the meaning of it all. Inheriting his passion for motorcycling from his parents (who motorcycled throughout the U.S. and Mexico in the 1950’s and 60’s), Wes’s first long-distance ride as commander of his own motorcycle was a 7,000 mile cross-country jaunt at the age of 16 (the same age he began writing poetry) and he has since toured extensively, including portions of four continents. Born in Missouri and raised in Florida, Wes spent two years in the Middle East, (graduated high school in Bahrain), and two more years in South Africa where he honed his spiritual core as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To date, he has visited more than dozens of countries in his travels.

Wes’s values and views have developed toward the conservative Christian camp with a firmly-held conviction that there are spiritual laws and principles that apply universally to humanity and that genuine satisfaction and peace can only come through compliance with these truths. Wes believes in an active God who is Father to us all.

Wes’s writings display self-depreciating humor, sharp wit, and an unambiguous purpose that make for memorable stories. Whether spinning tall tales, describing the joys and trials of family life, or addressing the deepest of spiritual questions, Wes creates thought-capsules that will remain with the reader long after the poem is put down.

Wes has been married for over four decades to his wife Donna and they are the parents of six and the grandparents of fifteen.

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