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Women of Accomplishment

Somewhere in the universeA building stands alone,Filled with medals, trophies, plaques,The world has never known. And angels daily take the task,Engraving every nameOf women of accomplishmentWho somehow miss the fame That should attend each act of love,Each soul-progressing strideThat she’s oft made to render aidThrough celestial truths applied. Combining heavenly strengths with hers,She’s shouldered every […]

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To a Solitary Young Pine Tree, Sprouting Among Shrubs on the Canyon Floor

Young and twice green:Chloroplast green forever,Novice green for now.You, an adolescent orphan,Unique among the similar,Not yet realizing who you are. Do you wonder?Is it awkward?You’ve sprouted taller than the others,Their stunted growth so uniform,The common trait.It is you who bears the burden of conspicuousness. Why did it have to be you?The bitterbrush and the greasewoodWere

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These Callused And Comatose Kings

The bus station swarms like a petri dish,Teeming with life forms odd;Could these “Sons of Morning” have shouted for joyWho seem no relation to God? Hardness and anger, abuse and neglectAre deep in their features engraved;And reason, incredulous, stares at the sight;Could “fair ones” become so depraved? Did these rise and battle within Kolob’s gateAnd

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