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Chloe and Brooke

Our twin granddaughters, Chloe and Brooke, came to the family after their parents struggled many years with the heartache of infertility. The miracles of modern medicine combined with the good graces of God to bring pure joy.

From years of tears and heartache,
From prayer that never ends,
From fear to faith then family,
Their blessings came as twins.

With twice the work at feeding,
With twice the cries to soothe,
Comes twice the love and laughter,
The payoff comes in twos.

Attention undivided,
Time shared with no regrets;
Sweet moments are quite multiplied
When cuties come in sets.

The world responds to preciousness
With smiles, nods, and stares,
For charm is more than doubled when
The babies come in pairs.

So never mind the tears and time
And all the pains it took,
Just recall those answered prayers
When Chloe came with Brooke.

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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