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Five Smooth Stones

At the dawn of time on a mountain ridge
Rock pressed against the sky;
The rains and winds worked their ends
To carve stone by and by.

And a fissure formed and rain seeped in,
Then cold turned rain to ice;
Expansion split the stone down deep
To cleft a pummeling slice.

It tumbled toward a vast ravine
As the granite grumbled and groaned;
From mountain to boulder, from boulder to rock;
From a rock to a thousand small stones.

Centuries came and centuries went
As storms washed through the ravine
Relentless abrasion tumbled the stones
And brought them at last to a stream.

The brook’s flowing waters finished the work
Smoothing the stones to a sheen.
There they lie waiting to play a key role
In making a shepherd a king.

David determined to answer the call
Of the giant who mocked Israel’s god;
He put off the armor the king had supplied
And picked up his sling and his rod.

Trusting and faithful he looked to the Lord
To give him the means to succeed.
He paused on the way beside a small brook
And chose the smooth stones he might need.

The means then provided, he finished the task
From the five, he took one single stone;
From David’s collection, delivered by sling,
Goliath got one as his own.

The story, a classic, now known ‘round the world
Teaches of faith and of grit;
It teaches that those who have God on their side
Have no need to run or to quit.

Those five little stones teach a lesson as well,
When one thinks on how long it took
For God to prepare them and put them in place
For David to find in the brook.

Far in advance He knows of our needs
And begins, years before, to prepare
The answers to problems His children will face
Knowing who, when, and what, why, and where.

At just the right place and at just the right time
Comes a friend; comes a stranger our way
Who seems, like those stones, to be just the right thing
To answer the needs of the day.

Arriving so natural that few see His hand
Working for years in advance,
Still, strewn ‘long our path come sure signs that Our God
Will not leave His children to chance.

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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