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Hearing the Sacrament Prayer for the First Time

The priesthood kneels before the bread;
Again those simple words are read.
How oft my ears have heard this prayer
And never felt the meaning there.

But now, aware, oh how weak I am!
I’m forced by guilt to approach the Lamb;
And beg His mercy, “Remove the stain!
Rescue me! Make me whole again!”

“Oh God, the Eternal Father,” the prayer begins;
A Father! What hope that relation lends!
“We ask thee in the name of thy Son”,
(That Shepherd who lovingly seeks for the “one”).

“To bless and sanctify this bread
To the souls of all who partake”, it’s pled;
“That they remember” His body so torn
For in His death our hope is born.

Our punishments, our debts, our shame;
Unpayable but by His name;
A name we take upon us now
As the prayer becomes a solemn vow.

An oath we make to remember Him
“And keep His commandments, given them”.
With commitment new we end the prayer
As comes a blessing beyond compare:

Through priesthood power the Lord returns
A promise back to those who yearn
For some sure sign He forgives their sins:
He sends “His spirit to be with them;


And I, for the first time in earnestness and gratitude, repeat; “Amen!”

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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