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I’ll Never Win

Lyrics to a song I wrote that most guys will understand…

(Verse one)
She stomps her feet as she’s putting on the pout
Her face in a frown and her bottom lip out;
Her arms are folded tight as she turns her back;
I ask her what’s the matter but she won’t crack.
I beg and I plead, “Won’t you give me what I need;
Just that one little clue what I did to you
But no……here I go….guessing again
And so… I only know… that I’ll never win.
I’ll never win! I’ll never win!

(Verse two)
She asks for my opinion then she doesn’t want to know;
She fishes for my feelings to discard them when they show.
If I’m loud then I’m too crazy, if I’m quiet I’m too blue.
She says she wants a listener, I’m too distant if I do.
I’m lookin for the answer, cause I cannot understand
She’s way too much a woman for a man to be her man
But oh… here I go…. Guessing again.
And so… I only know…. That I’ll never win.
I’ll never win! I’ll never win!

(Verse three)
It’s my misanticipation of her needs that keeps her mad
It’s incredible she keeps me cause it seems I’m always bad
Apparently my words don’t mean the things I thought I said
Cause they come to new confusions as they’re processed in her head
Her arguments come out of space and leave me in a daze
And I can’t win cause I assume there’s logic to her ways.
And oh,,, here I go,,, Guessing again.
And so,,, I only know… That I’ll never win.
I’ll never win! I’ll never win!

(Verse four)
She has found me guilty for things I shoulda known
She can tell my eyes are lyin’ even on the telephone!
When I’ve had enough of wonderin’ and I feel like givin’ up
She starts purrin’ like a kitten and I’m faithful as a pup!
Oh, she drives me crazy, she’s the book I can’t put down,
Til I figure out her mystery I’ve just got to hang around.
And so… here I go… Guessing again.
And oh… how I know… That I’ll never win.
I’ll never win!
I give up.
I’ll never win.
I gotta stop kidding myself.
I’ll never win.
I was doomed from the start.
I’ll never win

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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