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Kimmy On The Trampoline

Kimmy had a trampoline
On which she liked to hop.
She bounced around, just like a clown,
And never liked to stop.

So when her mommy called her name;
“Oh, Kim, it’s time for lunch!”
Kimmy wished to jump some more,
And then she hatched a hunch.

She filled her pockets with her food;
In front she hid her chips;
Put peanut-butter sandwiches
In pockets on her hips!

But as she bounced upon the tramp
And ate her hidden treats;
She jumped too high, up by the sky,
And tangled up her feets!

She bounced right down with a mushy sound;
She landed where she sat!
And those hip pockets filled with food
Went ucky-yucky SPLAT!

And now when Kimmy has to eat
She doesn’t like to jump;
‘Cause food feels better in your mouth
Than squashed across your rump!

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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