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Late-Blooming Heroes

Biographies of brilliant men
Who left great marks on earth
Oft describe enabling traits
These men displayed from birth.

Such marvelous boys, such bright young men,
Their accomplishments of age;
I read impressed by all they were
From first to final page.

It’s then that sadness takes my heart
And leads me through my past
To gaze upon ensnaring traits
That seem my mold to cast.

I wish for late-blooming heroes
Who conquered what they’d been;
Who broke what chained their character
And became heroic men.

Not men whose linear climbs to fame
Resemble not myself;
And in despair I close the books
And take them to the shelf.

And on the shelf another book
Quietly draws my eye,
Not wishing more of perfect men
I pass the scriptures by.

But then I pause, I pick them up
And slowly I peruse,
And read the part where Christ is bound
And brought before the Jews.

And Peter, in fear, denies the Lord;
First once, then twice again;
Then, for days, in bitter shame
He agonized his sin.

I skip ahead a little bit,
A different man appears
As Peter, in power, proclaims the Lord,
Now void of former fears.

And on I read and see the life
Of a misguided man named Saul
Who, midstream, changed from what he was
To become Apostle Paul.

And so I search from page to page
And find the men I sought;
Men who stood so strong and firm
Who were from weakness wrought.

From them I gain the needed hope
That such I still can be;
If I, like them, now turn to Him
Who said “Come follow me.”

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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