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Life’s Lessons


Optimism’s hard to holdWhen every day it seemsNecessity commands the reinsAnd tramples on your dreams. The past and present often blindOur eyes so we can’t see;But vision need not be confined,To how things used to be. The future is not shackled byThe chains of failures past;When guided by the hopeful eyeOur dreams can be surpassed.

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Though I’ve created a few of my own, I generally eschew poetry that is nothing more than a few pointless sentences sliced haphazardly and stacked in a pile.  Poemsscatteredrandomly through the pages;revealing,like lifted curtains,the bursting forth of feelingsfrom a handful of hearts;which, once repaintedon the canvasof the reader’s mind,despite nobility,being all unstructured,BORE ME TO DEATH!

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