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The Cricket Sammy James

Young Sammy James was a cricket
Who lived in the Daniel’s rug;
And he suffered all those heartaches
That come when you’re a bug.

Sammy’s teacher warned the class,
“Stay far away from Man;
At just your sight he’ll run in fright
Or squish you if he can!”

Sam thought, “I just don’t get it;
If I’m a monster, something’s wrong;
I scare a man who’s six foot tall
While I’m just one inch long?

I don’t eat much and I don’t bite;
Can’t Mister Daniels see?
He needn’t shout or jump about,
After all, it’s only me!”

Once, when Mrs. Daniels cried
Because she lost her ring
Sam hoped to prove all bugs aren’t bad
And this might be the thing!

He searched beneath the furniture
Where lost things go to hide
He found her ring behind the fridge
And pushed it out with pride.

The Daniel’s would not fear him now
That’s all Sam ever wished;
To wander free and never be
Afraid of getting squished.

But Mrs. Daniels sprang toward Sam
Like a ninja on attack;
While her brave husband only screamed
And jumped upon her back!

Sam scurried fast and soon escaped
Then shook his head and sighed
“Their fear won’t end if we can’t be friends
And, Heaven knows, I’ve tried.”

Then came that night in mid-July
When Sammy started to choke;
He looked and saw the dining room
Filled with fire and smoke!

The other critters fled the home
Each spider, bug, and mouse
But amid the flames stood Sammy James
And he would not leave the house.

With all the Daniels sound asleep
Sam thought, “I will not slack;
I’ll not let how they’ve treated me
Change how I treat them back.”

Sam did not have much trouble
Keeping low down to the floor;
Then climbed up to the light switch
On the wall by the front door.

Though trembling, still he struggled;
Yes, though all his strength was gone,
He called more power to those six little legs
And he turned that light switch on!

Well, the light woke Mister Daniels
Which, of course, was Sammy’s plan;
And when Daniels saw the fire,
From room to room he ran.

Now, Sammy coughed and shuddered;
He was tired, weak, and sore;
But still he smiled as the Daniels filed
Quickly out the door.

But, as Mister Daniels was leaving,
He glanced over at the switch
And raised his hand toward Sammy
To give that bug a SQUISH!

The Daniels huddled in their yard;
Each shaking from the fright,
When Mister Daniels asked out loud,
“Who turned on that light?

Who awoke us; saved our lives,
When we were sleeping snug?”
All at once it came to him,
“It must have been that bug!”

“That bug I squished and so despised;
He gave his life; his all…
And now I see it’s not our size
That makes us big or small.”

The Daniels family shook their heads
To think what might have been;
They did not know their teeny foe
Would prove their biggest friend.

Just then, a tiny voice rang out,
“Don’t cry and don’t you grieve;
When you reached to squish me flat,
I jumped inside your sleeve!”

Mister Daniels then looked down,
As Sam clung to his shirt,
And all the Daniels whooped for joy
With Sammy James unhurt!

The firemen came rushing in
To save the Daniels home
And Sam became the Daniels’ friend
He lived there free to roam

And on the wall, next to that switch
In letters bold and black
The Daniels marked the lesson learned
Upon a simple plaque:

“When meeting someone you don’t know
Be kind and don’t go nuts;
‘Cause we don’t need to squish our friends
To tell that they’ve got guts!”

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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