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The Promises Of Vegas

We raised our family in Las Vegas and, while this may surprise many, Vegas can be a great hometown away from the famous Strip. While the city holds many of my family, my friends, and my dear memories, it also holds some of the most insidious traps to peace and happiness that have ever been devised.

An artificial Paris,
Manhattan shrunk to scale;
Replicated pyramids
And galleons under sail.

The Land of Oz, the Coliseum,
All parts of the collage;
Volcanoes join the smoke and mirrors
At aptly-named Mirage.

Engineered with all the sound,
The very touch and feel
Of every wonder of the world,
But none of them are real.

And just behind the great facade,
Where actors spew their lines;
Lie the traps of misery
In camouflaged designs.

Lust is love’s great counterfeit,
And greed, ambition’s foe;
Where temptation takes the flesh,
The soul’s obliged to go.

The tease of sex from painted dolls
Who make as though they care.
But once the wallet’s been bled dry
They’ve nothing more to share.

“Magic potions bring you bliss”,
Drink’s siren song is heard;
Time has shown that ride’s not free,
The payment’s just deferred.

Enticements of such easy gold,
Not earned, just “gifts of fate”;
The winners few are put on view
As lemmings flood the gate;

Who rush toward those sensations
Of simulated joy;
Thus charging with abandon
Into the horse of Troy.

Where the enemy to character
To happiness, to peace;
Applies the shears to mindless sheep
And laughs with every fleece.

The victims are but faint aware
Things are not what they seem
They swallow every pleasure down
‘Ere someone halts the dream

A fishing lure’s a lie for sure
But still it draws the fish,
Who, thinking he’s about to dine,
Soon finds that he’s the dish.

So Vegas is the World compressed
Onto a single street;
A gilded path that leads at last
To virtue’s sad defeat.

As false as Camelot’s towers,
As shallow as man-made lakes;
Those promises that line the Strip
Are, in the end, just fakes.

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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