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There Once Was A Land Of Freedom

There once was a land of such freedom,
A land of majority rule;
Where all was decided by ballot,
(To them, an infallible tool).

It served as a wind-sock of wisdom,
This gauge called the popular vote;
To them was prevailing opinion
More true than a biblical quote.

When one day a man on a rooftop
Fell to the earth below;
And angered by gravity’s forces
Immediately started to crow;

“How unfair it is that the sparrows
Can fly through the skies, but not man”;
A number of neighbors thought likewise,
And so they all voted they can.

Since most of them voted for flying
Most gathered the courage to try,
They leapt from their rooftops and skyward,
For moments they knew they could fly.

But physical laws, true to nature,
Did as those laws always do
And landed those folks on their keisters
In spite of their popular view.

Truth is not chosen by ballot,
As sure as the day follows night;
Error will ever be error
And truth will forever be right.

There now is a land of lost freedom
A land of majority rule,
Where vices are turned into virtues
If most seem to think it is cool.

They leap from the truths of the ages
For moments they think they fly,
But, spiritual laws, true to nature,
Expose their belief as a lie.

The pollsters provide you no answers,
Deciphering good from ill;
What prophets declared to our fathers
You may trust is the truth even still.

Picture of Wes Stephenson

Wes Stephenson

Author, motorcyclist, poet, and adventurer. Let's journey together.



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